ZeusDraw with El Capitan or Sierra

ZeusDraw 1.3.4 does not run on El Capitan (OS X 10.11) or later. (It crashes on start up.) If you have ZeusDraw 1.3.4 and you have upgraded your OS to El Capitan or Sierra, please download a copy of ZeusDraw 1.4.1 from here. ZeusDraw 1.4.1 has the same feature set as ZeusDraw 1.3.4 and your old license will work for ZeusDraw 1.4.1.

ZeusDraw 1.4.0 has a crash and a few problems with slow brushes when used on Sierra. If you have OS X 10.12 Sierra please update to ZeusDraw 1.4.1 which fixes the isses.


If you can't find an answer to your question in the application help or in the FAQ's below, contact us at support@chromaticbytes.com.



Q. Can I put my copy of Zeusdraw or Shades on more than one computer?

A. The license for ZeusDraw and Shades allows you to put the software on one desktop computer and one laptop, as long as you don't use both copies at the same time.

Web Site

Q. I get an error message when I try to watch the movies.

A. If you are using Windows in a corporate environment, note that some companies block the use of the Active-X plugin needed to view QuickTime movies. Please try again from the outside.

Q. Is the ZeusDraw user interface really that tiny?

A. As a concession to file-size and bandwidth, the movies are about three-quarters actual size.


Your first resource for problems is ZeusDraw's illustrated Help Book. (Choose Help->ZeusDraw Help from ZeusDraw's menu bar.) Also, please make sure you have the current version of ZeusDraw. (To check this, choose ZeusDraw->Check for Update from ZeusDraw's menu bar.)

If you are reporting a bug, please give as complete a description as you can of what you are trying to do and what is going wrong. If possible, please attach the design file (MyDesign.zs) to your e-mail.

Q. How do I get a copy of ZeusDraw?

A. Download a copy here. If the downloaded file doesn't open automatically, double click on the icon to open it. Then drag the ZeusDraw icon to your Applications folder. This is a fully-functional 30 day trial copy.

Q. How do I buy ZeusDraw?

A. You can buy a license from within ZeusDraw itself by choosing the ZeusDraw–>Register/Purchase menu item. This is the easiest way because it will install your serial number for you (as well as sending you an e-mail confirmation). You can also buy a license from the Chromatic Bytes store. Your serial number will be sent to you by e-mail and you can copy and paste it into the registration window. Both ways use eSellerate's secure server to handle the credit card transaction.

Q. Is there a Windows version of ZeusDraw?

A. No. ZeusDraw depends heavily on the Quartz and other Macintosh technologies, making a port to Windows very unlikely.

Q. What is ZeusDrawSD (referred to in the Help book)?

A. Chromatic Bytes is developing a version of ZeusDraw for use in the surface design (textiles, wallpaper, gift-wrap) field. This version, called ZeusDrawSD, will do all that ZeusDraw does, but will also do repeats and colorways.


Q. How do I get a copy of Shades?

A. Download a copy from here. If the downloaded file (Shades1.2.dmg) doesn't open automatically, double click on the icon to open it. Then drag the Shades icon to your Library/ColorPickers folder. This is a fully-functional 30 day trial copy.

Q. How do I buy Shades?

A. Click on the Purchase button on Shade's registration sheet or here to take you to the Chromatic Bytes online store. When you have completed your purchase,bottom of the Color you will be sent an e-mail with your registratio name and serial number. Copy and paste them into the text fields on Shade's registration sheet and click on Enter License.

Q. Pasting doesn't work.

A. Pasting doesn't work with applications that use the Color Panel as a modal dialog. (These are applications that add a Close button to the bottom of the Color Picker.) We recommend using TextEdit to register Shades.

Q. I dragged the Shades icon to /Applications but I don't see it in the Color Picker.

A. Shades is an addition to the standard Apple Color Picker. It has to be placed in your Library/ColorPickers folder to work and not in /Applications.

Q. Can I use Shades with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements?

A. Yes, but you must set Photoshop (or Elements) to use the standard Apple Color Picker. You can do this by choosing
Preferences->General... in the Photoshop menu and then setting "Color Picker" to "Apple".

Q. How do I get the color picker to appear in Photoshop?

A. Clicking on the foreground or background color chip at the bottom of the vertical palette that holds the tools will summon the color picker.

Q. I don't see Shades when I use Adobe Illustrator.

A. Adobe Illustrator and a few other programs use their own color picker. You can't use Shades with these programs.


Q. Orfeo starts in Japanese and I don't speak Japanese!

A. iPhone apps, like Mac desktop apps, don't choose the language that they use. The OS picks which of the available langues to use. Orfeo is localized (currently) for English and Japanese. Some iPhones and iPods seem to come set to prefer Japanese over English when they are set for another language such as German or French. If Orfeo starts in Japanese and you want English, do the following:

  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap International (it's near the bottom and you may have to scroll).
  • Tap Language. This will give you a choice of languages.
  • Tap English and then OK and wait for it to finish. This will set the device to English.
  • Repeat the above to set your phone back to your desired language.

This should teach your phone to prefer English over Japanese.

Q. Orfeo crashes immediately when it is started.

A. There seems to be some subtle bug in the iPhone OS ( at least in 2.0 ) where newly downloaded or updated applications crash for a lot of people. This is true for a wide spectrum of apps and has nothing to do with the particular app. If this happens to you, try (in order):

Delete the app from your phone or ipod.

Get it again from the store directly (not with itunes). The store knows that you've already bought it and won't charge you again.

Reboot the phone or ipod: Hold the top switch down until you get the "Slide to power off" message, power it off. Wait until it's done shutting down and then restart it.

Q. I don't hear anything using Orfeo on the iPod Touch.

A. The first generation iPod Touch doesn't have a speaker so you have to use earphones to hear Orfeo. (Apple doesn't currently allow us access to the small speaker that makes the key clicks.) To hear the metronome you must have the Sound Effects (Settings > General > Sound Effects) turned on for "Headphones or "Both". The second generation Touch has an external speaker and Orfeo behaves the same way as on the iPhone.

Q. I don't hear the metronome with the iPhone.

A. On the iPhone, sound effects, like the metronome clicks, go through the same audio path as the ringer. Make sure the ringer is on and set at a reasonable volume.

Q. The metronome sometimes seems unsteady, particularly when I do something like changing the emphasis.

A. No software metronome running on a general purpose computer (which is really what your iPhone or iPod is) will ever be as steady as a dedicated quartz metronome (the physical kind you buy at a music store). The irregularity comes because the computer is busy doing something else (like sliding in the Details page or handling some other UI happening) and doesn't get around to playing the click at the proper time. Once you leave it alone for a second or two it will go back to regular clicking.